Lexus Hybrid Art: The Future is Unwritten

Saint Petersburg

or the first Lexus Hybrid Art seven-year history will move in another city and replace approach to the formation of the exhibition, presenting a large-scale experiment in the collective construction of the future. Lexus Hybrid Art 2016 opens innovative scenarios of interaction with the audience, will expand the boundaries of known formats – interactive exhibition of contemporary art and Postdramatic Theatre – and the present author’s narrative, inspired by the central theme of this year – “Anticipation”. Lexus brand’s inherent ability to anticipate the needs and expectations of customers inspired curator Marcelo Dantas an attempt not just to get to the future, but also to trace the process of its construction. “Together we can invent the future unknown to us” – says Dantas and makes co-exposure of all who will be in the large-scale fantasy artist and author Douglas Coupland. Lexus Hybrid Art – the main views of the hybrid art in Russia. Since 2010, the annual exhibition presents the work of leading contemporary artists whose vision coincides with the philosophy of the brand Lexus. For six years the project has turned into one of the most important art events in Russia, which was attended by more than 70 artists from rising stars to the classics of modern art

October 12, 2016
October 15, 2016