Douglas Coupland on Generation X at 30: ‘Generational trashing is eternal’

Three decades after his debut novel made him the unwilling voice of a generation, the author wonders whether – after Y, Z and now C, for Covid – individuality will become obsolete

Slogans for the class of 2030

June 30, 2021

Together, they tuned a language model on all of Douglas’ written work (>1M words) along with social media posts on topics selected by Douglas, and worked with it to create Slogans for the Class of 2030.

Calgary’s downtown sparkles with new light installation at Telus Sky

The downtown skyline shone brighter than usual Thursday night, as a dazzling new light installation was previewed at the Telus Sky building.

Age of You

Age of You is a timely exhibition about how the self has become more extreme, and what it means to be an individual today. Curated by Shumon Basar, Douglas Coupland and Hans Ulrich Obrist, with graphic design by Daly & Lyon, it includes over 70 visual contributors from the worlds of art, design, filmmaking, photography, […]

Age of You charts the development of the ‘extreme self’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto

So welcome to the age of you, or Age of You, an exhibition about the contemporary state of selfhood. The show is based on a forthcoming book by two international writer/art curators, Shumon Basar and Hans Ulrich Obrist, and the Canadian novelist, artist and designer Douglas Coupland of Generation X…

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