This art show probes how people now exist as data points (and that’s not good)

The Age of You exhibition in Dubai takes a look at how our sense of self has fractured in the internet age—amplifying the darkest of human traits.

Wired Magazine, April 2021


Art Club2000: The Collective Who Presaged Today’s Cultural Wasteland

ART CLUB2000 formed as a collective of seven Cooper Union students who started making art in 1992. Inspired by their teacher, the German artist Hans Haacke, and guided by influential art dealer Colin de Land, they pushed institutional critique to the max, post-Generation X.

Highsnobiety, 2021

“Generation X”: Its tales about McJobs and information overload feel as poignant now as in 1990s

Three decades later, “Generation X” is a literary classic that still speaks to issues central to today’s world

Salon, March 2021

Signs of the times: how Douglas Coupland’s art came to life under coronavirus

Ten years ago the novelist created slogans that captured the isolated nature of contemporary life. But when Covid-19 hit, his artworks began to feel eerily prescient

The Guardian, May 2020

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