Douglas Coupland on the celebrities in your brain

On top of all the words stored in your brain, you also have 4,000 celebrities. That’s a big chunk of neural real estate

Douglas Coupland’s rehab notepad

If you want to know what the superpower of invisibility feels like, try being a 55-year-old guy in rehab

Is anger sexy or is it only for losers?

I’ve always wanted to go to anger management therapy but I don’t think I’m angry enough

Why I can only ever be one Doug at any given time

I have several versions of me which I know I can more or less count on depending the situation. . . Everyday Doug . . . Serious Doug . . . Party Doug’

Douglas Coupland on life without the Queen

I got to thinking about the Queen dying for real — what it would feel like and how it might go down. I can’t imagine a world without Her

Douglas Coupland on how we fell out of love with phone calls

Yesterday I found myself emailing to arrange a phone call with someone in New York. I suggested a number of times that worked on my end — could they perhaps choose one or suggest their own times? And then it dawned on me: arranging to speak with people on the phone these days feels a […]

Tentacular: Douglas Coupland on Helvetica, clip art and the gangly beast that is the internet

The feel of the internet is unlike anything else: as wondrous as the bubbling cradle of pea-soup goo from which life emerged

A plan to fix US politics

Douglas Coupland on why America’s two-party system is no longer fit for purpose

What’s your type

I’d look at fellow subway riders and try to guess their secret crimes; it’s kind of amazing how transparent people are that way.


The more I think about it, the more I realise booze really is glamorous. So are cigarettes. Life is odd

One Stone

It was a truly beautiful thing, spooning voluptuously in the palm of my hand

The 3rd Room

There’s a one-in-four chance the hotel you’re going to is jackhammering something, and chances are it’s above your room

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