Public Art and Commissioned Art

Public art is like the nonfiction version of art. Instead of working in a private personal universe, public art is tethered to the real world in some way. It’s ontologically similar to writing a travel article or a historical biography. Commissioned art is also like this.

Public art is also an amazing way to learn about new ways of making objects, as well as meeting new people along the way. My goal has always been to make life feel like art school, and public art has been an enormous part of this drive.

Golden Tree

400 SW Marine Dr,
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6P 6N6

January 1, 2016

Four Seasons

Sheppard Ave E,
Toronto, ON, Canada

January 14, 2014

Terry Fox Memorial

777 Pacific Blvd,
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6B 4Y8

January 3, 2011

Monument to the War of 1812

600 Fleet St,
Toronto, ON, Canada
M5V 1B7

January 4, 2008

Float Forms

95 Fort York Blvd,
Toronto, ON, Canada
M5V 3Y7

January 1, 2007

Infinite Tire

SW Marine Dr,
Vancouver, BC, Canada

January 5, 2012

Digital Orca

Jack Poole Plaza,
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6C 3C1

January 7, 2009