Seminars About Long Term Thinking: The Extreme Present

November 1, 2016


Douglas Coupland has done so much more than name a generation (“Generation X”—post-Boomer, pre-Millennial, from his novel of that name). He is a prolific writer (22 books, including nonfiction such as his biography of Marshall McLuhan) and a brilliant visual artist with installations at a variety of museums and public sites. His 1995 novel Microserfs […]

Engage Speaker Talks – Unleashing Creativity

November 1, 2019


While in art school, Coupland had a profound realization – he wasn’t being taught how to use the full capacity of his brain. Inspired by this revelation, he began exploring new ways to arrange sensory input to boost his creative output. At Engage, Coupland will provide you with a new creative lens to view the […]