Bit Rot

Bit Rot is three things: An internationally traveling art exhibition, a catalogue accompanying that exhibition and a very large compendium of essays and fiction to be published in October 2016. Bit Rot the book explores the ways humanity tries to make sense of our shifting consciousness. Coupland, just like the Internet, mixes forms to achieve […]

Highly Inappropriate Tales For Young People

Seven deliciously wicked tales featuring seven highly improbable, not only inappropriate, characters.

Souvenir of Canada 2

Souvenir of Canada 2 picks up where its predecessor left off. As with the best jazz, the riffs are fresh, never quite predictable, and full of delicious rhythm and subtle humour.

Souvenir of Canada

“Canadian winters are long. Life is hard and so is ice.”

City of Glass

“This book arises from both love and laziness: love, because I spent my twenties scouring the globe thinking there had to be a better city out there, until it dawned on me that Vancouver is the best one going; and laziness, because I thought I was going to go mental explaining dim sum, the sulphur […]

Polaroids from the Dead

“In 1990, society seemed to be living in a 1980s hangover.”

Life After God

A thought-provoking collection of stories explores the nature of spirituality in a fast-moving modern culture and its impact on human nature, beliefs, relationships, attitudes, hopes, fears, and dreams.