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everywhere is anywhere is anything is anywhere
at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen’s Park, Toronto

Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
952 Queen Street West, Toronto

February | March | April 2015

Fortnightly discussions on culture and money.

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Douglas Coupland interviewed by Wendy Mesley

The Novels of Douglas Coupland

HOME Manchester
2 Tony Wilson Place, First Street, Manchester, UK
23 May – 26 July 2015

Group Exhibition
Co-curated by Omar Kholeif and Sarah Perks

CBC Radio One
02 February 2015

Douglas Coupland: “I’m starting to forget what it felt like to be pre-internet”

Annual question: What do you think about machines that think?

05 March 2015

A Guide to the Extreme Present
Shumon Basar | Douglas Coupland | Hans Ulrich Obrist

Witte de With | Center for Contemporary Art
Witte de Withstraat 50, 3012 BR Rotterdam, NL
Starting 11 September 2015

Solo exhibition

Emmanuel Centre
Marsham Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3DW
05 March 2015

An Evening of Self-Help for Planet Earth
Shumon Basar | Douglas Coupland | Hans Ulrich Obrist

remaining speakers to be announced

Daniel Faria Gallery
188 St Helens Avenue, Toronto

22 January – 21 March 2015

Holt Renfrew Men
100 Bloor Street West, Toronto
15 January – 09 March 2015

80WSE Gallery
80 Washington Square East, New York, NY
30 September – 8 November 2014

An evolving exhibition project generated by Michael Stipe
produced collaboratively with Jonathan Berger
Douglas Coupland | Jefferson Hack | Peaches | Dean Sameshima | Jerry Seguin | Taryn Simon

9-7-6 Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo
24 October 2014 – 01 February 2015

Group Show

Douglas Coupland interviewed by Anna Maria Tremonti

Douglas Coupland interviewed by Robert Shrimsley

Zilkha Auditorium, Whitechapel Gallery
77-82 Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7QX
27 September 2014
16:00 – 17:30

Douglas Coupland interviewed by Whitechapel Gallery Curator Omar Kholeif

The Auditorium, Sixth Level, 107 Charing Cross Road
26 September 2014


Douglas Coupland interviewed by Sophie Heawood

London Review Bookshop
14 Bury Place, London, WC1A 2JL
23 September 2014

In the third of Visual Editions’ ‘Writers in Residence’ series Douglas Coupland reports from inside the French telecommunications giant Alcatel-Lucent. ‘I thought that the Internet was a metaphor for life,’ he writes. ‘Now I think life is a metaphor for the Internet.’ Coupland, perhaps best known for his cult 1991 bestseller Generation X , will be in conversation about his latest book with the series’ initiator Alain de Botton.
Financial Times preview

Station-Berlin Luckenwalder Strasse 4—6
18 – 21 September 2014

Robert Koch Gallery
5th floor – 49 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA
11 September – 15 November 2014

Group Show

Agnes Etherington Arts Centre
Queen’s University, Kingston ON
30 August 2014 – 12 April 2015

“I hope humanity somehow changes quickly, and that we become able to protect ourselves from what we are now.”

Group Show

Centro Cultural do Brazil Sao Paulo
Rual Alvares Penteado, 112 = CentroCEP: 01012-000
São Paulo (SP)(11) 3113-3651 / 3652
September 2014

Vancouver Art Gallery
15 August 2014

A conversation with Douglas Coupland, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Shumon Basar

Vancouver Art Gallery
28 July 2014
19:00 – 22:00

Vancouver Art Gallery
30 May 2014
20:00 – 24:00

Opening party for
Everywhere is Anywhere is Anything is Everything

Douglas Coupland shares the story behind a work in his retrospective at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The Vancouver Art Gallery
June | July | August 2013

Solo exhibition

Skirbal Cultural Center, Los Angeles
17 April 2014

Celeste Bartos Forum, New York Public Library, New York
11 April 2017

Sheppard Avenue & Don Mills Road, Toronto

Public Art Installation

Museum London, 421 Ridout Street North, London ON
18 January – 06 April 2014

Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto
23 May – 30 September 2012

In this interdisciplinary exhibition, landmark Canadian artifacts from the TMC’s collections are integrated with the work of contemporary Canadian artists creating a dialogue of personal and cultural expressions across time and space.

Vancouver Art Gallery
26 November 2013
19:00 – 21:00

Douglas Coupland is crowdsourcing his next art project and he wants you to participate. Join us from 7-9pm for an evening of drinks, hands-on tower building and a general discussion of that exciting point in creation where Lego becomes an art supply. RSVP to attend!

The Tate Modern, London
09 November 2013
10:30 -17:00

Symposium organized in collaboration with Omar Kholeif and Anthony Downey from Ibraaz. Artists, writers, curators and academics postulate on the future.

Metro Newspapers – Worldwide
04 – 29 November 2013
Monday to Friday

New fiction published in 20 installments

CBC Radio One
04 November 2013

Douglas Coupland has a gift for folding popular culture into novel narratives. His new book is called “Worst. Person. Ever.” – and it’s set partly in the world of reality TV.

New York Times
03 November 2013

Writers in a variety of genres tell us what these new technologies mean for storytelling.

Brigantine Room, York Quay Centre, Toronto
31 October 2013

Interview and reading
Bert Archer & Douglas Coupland

Granville Island, Vancouver
24 October 2013

Serpentine Gallery, London
19 October 2013

Shaw Theatre, 100-110 Euston Road, London
08 October 2013
19:00 – 20:00

Meet Raymond Gunt. Foul-mouthed. Misanthropic. Divorced. You might like him. The downward spiral of this TV cameraman’s career path is about to take in multiple comas, unjust imprisonment, nuclear war and forced re-enactments of scenes from Billy Elliot.

Meet Douglas Coupland. Author of Generation X, Microserfs, jPod and now Worst. Person. Ever. No writer captures the mass influence of pop culture quite like Douglas Coupland, and tonight he’ll be on hand to answer your questions, before signing copies of his latest novel.

The Inkpot, Imperial Square, Cheltenham
06 October 2013
20:00 – 21:00

Cult writer of international bestseller Generation X, Douglas Coupland joins us in a rare visit from Canada to discuss Worst.Person.Ever, a deeply satirical book about a dreadful human being with no redeeming value.

Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik
11 September 2013

Onstage panel discussion

03 September 2013

Conversations in Context
Douglas Coupland and Bjarke Ingels

The Manchester Art Gallery
Manchester, England
Summer 2013

At Do It, visitors obey instructions left by artists from Ai Weiwei to Louise Bourgeois. Adrian Searle wrestles with a zip-up poncho and recreates his bedroom floor – but will he smile at a stranger?

Biennial of the Americas
Denver, Colorado
Summer 2013

Sternberg Press, Berlin, Germany
August, 2013

A collection of essays on art and culture
By Douglas Coupland

In Douglas Coupland’s writing, the doldrums of a world afflicted by the pains of dotcom booms and busts, the ascendency of subcultures to pop cultures, and the subsequent struggle for identity are counterbalanced by droll, personal, and incisive analyses. This collection of nonfiction essays provides an illuminating meander through what we call culture today.

October 2013

UK and Canada release of novel: Worst. Person. Ever.

29 September 2013

Douglas Coupland’s Museum of the Rapture was a site-specific installation interrogating life and death and things in between. It was installed in the underground parking garage at Toronto City Hall as part of the Museum For The End Of The World at the 2012 Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.

Introducing the “Douglas Coupland for SwitzerCultCreative” collection.  The collection takes its inspiration from the “writer’s nook” and consists of a desk, chair, lamp, bookshelves.

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Henry Street Settlement’s Abrons Arts Center is proud to present DECENTER: An Exhibition on the Centenary of the 1913 Armory Show, curated by Andrianna Campbell and Daniel S. Palmer.

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“Girlfriend in a Coma,” from “Nurse Jackie” co-creator Liz Brixius, comes from UTV and Wolf Films. Brixius, Wolf, Danielle Gelber and Peter Jankowski will executive produce the single-camera comedy, based on the novel by Douglas Coupland.

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Reykjavìk International Literary Festival
September, 2013

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NWT Literary Festival
May 30 – June 2, 2013
Yellowknife, NT

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Douglas Coupland (born 1961) is a Canadian novelist. Since 1991, he has written thirteen novels published in most languages. He has written on visual art for the New York Times, ArtForum, the New Republic, the Kunsthaus Bregenz, the Moderna Museet and the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian.

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“Design Exchange celebrates its relaunch as Canada’s Design Museum with an unprecedented experience: creative disciplines and cultures converge in a large-scale blowout featuring a selection of Canada’s most iconic designers, architects, chefs, filmmakers, and artists.”

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